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How It Works

Easy as 1 2 3

The primary products youíll find with the Dining Channel are "discount certificates" and "value coupons." Both certificates and coupons are downloaded off the Internet using your web browser and then printed by you. Each certificate or coupon document is given a unique serial number that is only valid for one use (when you redeem the coupon or certificate, the restaurant deactivates that number).

To use the Dining Channel certificates or coupons, youíll need an e-mail account, an Internet connection and a printer.

Sample of a certificate
Sample of a coupon

Our "Discount Certificate" program allows you to purchase a fixed dollar amount of food, typically $25, for a discounted amount, typically under $10. Our "value coupons," on the other hand, work like regular coupons that you might clip in the newspaper. Value coupons offer a percentage discount at a restaurant, such as 10%, and are available at no cost to you.

The Dining Channel uses a system known commonly as a "shopping cart," which is very much like the shopping cart you use in the supermarket. Multiple items can be added to the cart, and when youíre done shopping, you "check out." At the check out, youíll be asked to put in your credit card number if your cart has an amount due (there are many items available at the Dining Channel for free, in which case you wonít be asked for payment). The Dining Channel uses secure encryption technology to keep your credit card information safe.

The final step in the process is to print your coupon or certificate. After checkout, youíll receive an e-mail with links to the actual coupon or certificate documents. You simply click on the link, wait for the document to fully download, and then print it.

Why do restaurants offer these great deals online with the Dining Channel? Restaurateurs often have a specific need for time slots or days of the week that they want to increase their traffic. For example, some restaurants are busy on the weekends but donít have a strong regular lunch crowd. The restaurateur will typically use the Dining Channel programs to give diners an incentive to come in during their off-peak periods.

The Dining Channel runs daily specials where select restaurants are put "on special" with discounted pricing on their certificates. You can check back daily to see if your favorite restaurant is on sale and what new restaurants are participating in the program.

Tastefully yours,

The Dining Channel Team

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