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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find a list of our customer's most frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for in this section please let us know, by clicking on the Contact Us Button, on the left, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Q   Why canít I find any Discount Dining offers in cities in the Restaurant Directory?
    A   The Restaurant Directory is meant to be just that, a directory of restaurants. Any cities in which we offer Dining Discounts will be listed in the Dining Discounts Top Areas section.

Q    Whatís included in the Whatís New section?
    A   Whatís New is the place you can go to view Dining Channelís newest restaurants and their products in one easy to find spot. Keep checking this section frequently as we are always adding new restaurants.

Q   Whatís included in Todayís Specials, and how often are Todayís Specials updated?
    A   Todayís Specials is the place to go to find the best deals on Dining Channel. Each day, Monday through Friday, a different restaurantís product is featured and offered at a discounted price.

Q    Is there a limit on how many coupons or certificates you can purchase?
    A   Our terms and conditions limit the downloading of coupons to two (2) per month per customer per restaurant, although we are happy to make exceptions when a customer explains their needs.

Q    Why do you need my email address if I am downloading a free coupon?
    A   We need your e-mail address because we'll be sending you, via e-mail, a link to your coupon.

Q    How and when will I receive my coupon or certificate?
    A   Shortly after you receive your confirmation e-mail stating that your order is being processed, youíll receive another e-mail containing a link, or links if you purchase more than one product, which will pull up your coupon or certificate.

Q    My e-mail program is set up to block mail from people I donít know. From what address will the e-mails be sent so I can add it to the list of addresses from which Iíll accept e-mail?
    A   All e-mails concerning orders will be sent from DiningChannelOrders ( and all e-mails concerning customer service issues will be sent from DiningChannelCustomerService (

Q    If I purchase a certificate or gift card, how will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
    A   The charge on your credit card statement will come from, Hollywood, FL.

Q    Is there a limit on how many gift cards you can purchase?
    A   No, there is no limit on the purchase of gift cards.

Q    What are my shipping options for gift cards?
    A   You can choose from three different methods of shipment. You may choose standard US Mail, FedEx Overnight, and FedEx Second Day. Price will vary by shipping method.

Q    Can I include a message on my gift card order if Iím sending it to someone as a gift?
    A   Yes, you can include a message. Please put any message that you may wish to send to the recipient in the Order Comments and Special Requests box and we will include your message in with your order.

DiningChannel Home > Information > F.A.Q.

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